Great to see you here to find out what I am all about - I appreciate your interest!

I won't take up too much of your time - just enough to help you decide if I'm the playmate for you.

Physically I am very tall, 5'11", with a feminine body that is both curvy and athletic - a beautiful size 12 with a toned round booty and outstanding natural D cup breasts that are big enough to notice but firm enough to still be perky and nice to look at!

I workout every day, I am drug free, don't smoke cigarettes and take lovingly good care of myself. 

My silky soft caramel blonde locks look great against my lightly tanned olive skin which is soft and blemish free.

My personality is the type that makes anyone feel instantly welcome and comfortable in my company and I can happily say I am not a judgemental person. ​

I have no interest in trying to pretend I am someone or something I am not, so communication from me will always be honest and considerate.

This adventure for me is something I greatly enjoy, therefore, I maintain a certain standard of lover with whom I choose to spend time with. 

I want this to be a natural and enjoyable expereicne for us both, so disrespect, poor hygiene, dishonest communication or time wasting are not behaviours I welcome or accept.​

I will always treat you with the same respect, dignity, discretion and honesty that I expect and appreciate in return.

My time is for the man who wants to experience something genuine and amazing with a Woman who genuinely wants to be with him - whether it be a mixture of social and carnal, passionate intimacy or just hot and steamy sex. Our time is what we make of it.

Above all, its about having a great time, no strings attached, privacy and discretion assured and a positive GENUINE experience for us both.

Hopefully this is what you want too, and we will see one another soon...

Megan xxx