Where are you based?

I am a permanent touring escort which means I don't have a home base location - I am only available when touring. Where I am currenly touring will always be on my personal website and my profile on the escort websites I advertise on.

How do I book?

Because I am a touring escort, my availability is already limited, and with a rising number of lovers pre booking, short notice bookings are becoming increasingly difficult for me to accomodate. I do recommend pre booking your time with me, especially if I am only in your location for a few days. Of course you are always welcome to try your luck by contacting me on the days I'm in your city, just be aware I may not be able to accomodate your request.

Do you accept every booking?

No. I decline any request I feel won't be a good fit for both myself and you. This needs to be a mutaully enjoyable GENUINE experience FOR US BOTH, so if I feel we aren't going to get along, I won't let you waste your money or my time.

What payment options do you accept?

I accept cash or BeemIt only. Apoligies, but I don't accept bank transfers as these can be reversed from your end and this puts me in a position I don't desire to be in.

Where can we meet?

As a touring escort, I am always able to host. My accomodations are always in central areas, discreet, upscale and create a comfortable and private environment for us to enjoy our time together.

When can I contact you?

You can contact me anytime, but be aware I'm not always available to answer your calls or reply to your texts. The hours I reply to messages or take calls are between 9am and 8pm. Please keep in mind I have various daily activities both in my personal and escort life, so I may not immediately reply to your text or pick up your call. I appreciate your time and interest is important and will always endeavour to get back to you as timely as possible.


The Seductress is basically a GFE - intimate. pasionate and sexy. I am a sexual being and find it easy to genuinely cum so be prepared for us both to enjoy one another completely. Anal is included in my GFE, and I genuinely LOVE it! I can take it very easily - and for our entire booking if you desire. Mutual oral, a vibrator for me, sensual body rub/slide, light dirty talk, ball licking (at my discretion), dfk, erotic foreplay and genuine orgasms are all on the menu - but it's really up to us to find our unique style together and indulge! Feel free to contact me with any questions or requests.


The Temptress is basically a PSE - wild, raunchy, dirty, explorative. Mix, match and create to your needs... Anal play on you/pegging, dirty talk, role play, light restraints, multiple toys, rimming on me, ball licking and sucking, porn fucking (hard and dirty) to name a few...but let your desires and fantasies create the experience. Let's get wild, down and dirty! I'm quite sexually broad minded, so if you have a fetish or fantasy you are interested in experiencing, feel free to contact me to see if we are a good fit to play it out. There is no quesion I am not comfortable with you asking, as long as your manner is respectful and polite. I'll always communicate with the same decency and honesty in return to let you know if it's something I would be happy experiencing with you or not.

What is your availability?

Availability is upon enquiry. Short notice availability has become incresingly difficult for me to accomodate and I strongly recommend pre-booking with a deposit. Please note, if a short notice booking is available, it will not be accepted outside of the hours of 10am - 6pm. Thank you.

General etiquette information.

Here are a few tips to help you when contacting me that will help you to do so in a way that won't have you simply ignored or potentially blocked. 1. Don't just send a text with 'hey', 'hi', 'you available' and the like. If you send these to me, i'll simply ignore and delete the message and most likely just block the number. 2. No 'dick pics'. Read that as many times as you need it to sink in. 3. Refrain from sending a continuous stream of questions. Read the information provided on my website - then contact me with any questions that haven't been answered and i'll be happy to answer them for you. 4. If the gratuity I charge isn't for you, simply contact someone else who is charging what you would prefer to pay. I don't engage in negotiations. Please respect my position on this. 5. Refrain from contacting me just to 'see' if I'm available at a later date/time. Unless you're calling to make a booking or ask a question I haven't answered on my website, you are wasting both our time. 6. Please don't send excessive 'social' messages. I am engaged in many activities and a constant stream of messages that are not about bookings is unnecessary and time consuming for me. I realise it's easy to forget you are not the only lover in contact with me and not the only part of my day, but I ask you to be considerate of my personal time and keep your social contact to a respectful minimum. 7. Don't call on a private number. This should need no explanation.