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Updated: Feb 2

Tips and ideas to help you navigate the world of paid companionship and how to get the most out of what can be an amazing experience if you get it right.

In the year 2021, paid companionship, sex work, escort services, professional misstress/girlfriend - whatever you want to call it - is a thriving industry that is not only becoming more mainstream in its acceptance, but also in its usage.

The reasons you have for wanting to spend time with a professional companion (my preferred phrase), will be as varied from everyone else as there are types of people choosing to experience it.

But it can also be a very daunting experience to organise. There are so many advertisers, so many descriptions and photos, and so many advertisers claiming to be the 'ultimate version' of whatever it is you need.

To make this process much simpler, it's an excellent idea to firstly know who and what it is you are looking for BEFORE you take the leap of trawling through the hundreds of profiles available to you.

By knowing the kind of person you want to encounter (looks, personality) and then being clear about the type of physical experience you are looking for, you can then lead with this idea and I can assure you it will narrow your search down quite significantly.

Choosing the right fit for who you are, what you want and what type of experience you are looking for will bring you much closer, if not spot on, to being able to enjoy paid companionship for the wonderfully intimate, adventurous and truly amazing encounter it is meant to be. For both you AND your chosen companion.

Happy hunting!

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