Understanding your escorts gratuity.

Updated: Feb 4

Over the course of my career in this business, I have come across some Men who wonder why, if I love sex and being single, why do I need to charge them for a good time?

The short answer? So I don't feel used once we are done, you hop in the shower and go home to your life/wife/girlfriend or all three.

You don't just pay an escort to be intimate with you physically. You pay her to be available to you at a time and place that suits your needs, to be devoted to you physically and mentally for the time you spend together, to not need you to call afterwards and to never just contact you without you making contact first.

To be 'in the mood' when you need her to be and to not burden you with the reality that, underneath her escort loveliness,

she is a woman, like every other Woman, with all the trappings of a life and challenges that you know nothing about and don't need to know anything about.

The exchange of money for her time and commitment to you for that time comes with far more hidden benefits than Men sometimes realise.

Of course she is perfect because you don't see her every day and you aren't required to meet any overreaching relationship standards with her other than be respectful, polite, hygienic and happily paying the rate she has set for herself and her time.

So the next time you wonder what the hell you're paying an escort for when apparently what we do seems so simple and easy, remember this : we are creating your fantasy 24/7 when we are with you. Devoted to you. Dressed for you. Desiring YOU!

All the while making sure we only offer you good memories and experiences with us, ensuring you live out your fantasy with us for every minute of the time we are together.

Then we let you leave when our time is over to return to your life without any strings attached or any consequences to be had from our time together other than wonderful memories that we both can walk away with.

And by gifting your lovely escort with the gratuity she sets for herself, you are making it clear that you respect, appreciate and enjoy the time you spend together and are grateful that she made it easy for you to have this experience.

When you think of it like that, the rates we set are more than reasonable and fair.

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